Stone Tools

Buy Stainless Steel and Brass clamps, hooks etc
We are well established Marble Contractors in Bahrain and Doha, Qatar.  Send us full details, brochure and price...
Buy Granite Cutter
Send quotation of granite cutter and other accessories relating to be use in mining and cutting granite stone.
Buy Turbo Blade
We want Turbo Blade Dry and Wet 4.5" & 7". We are also interested in diamond cup wheels in 4", 6" and 7", and ...
Buy carbide Types
Send me brochure, prices with payment terms for coated carbide TYPES  cnmg 190608, cnmg 120404, cnmg 120412, cnmg...
Buy Diamond Tools
We want to use and resell diamond blades, flexible polishing pad, polishing buff, polishing bricks, etc., in...
Buy Diamond Tools & Other tools
We want Wave turbo blades with flange 22.23 180mm dry cut. Flexible polishing pads 100mm #50, #100, #200, #400,...