Buy jewellery box
I am looking for cups, jewellery box in goblets in onyx Green and white, please email me your prices and requirements
Interested in purchasing fireplaces, basins, balusters, vases
Interested in purchasing fireplaces, basins, balusters, vases.....etc on wholesale basis. We are in MI 48114.
Champaign Glass set
I am interested in buying item number SO - 4004 - Champaign Glass set with tray from pricelist 993. How should I...
Buy rosewood chess sets
Interested in importing to Chicago, USA 12x12 marble and bigger size rosewood chess sets. Please reply back so I...
nterested to import HANDICRAFT to USA
You are requested to send me coloured brochure I am interested to import to USA ONYX AND MARBLE HANDICRAFT. I am...
Looking for Onyx chess sets
I am looking for Onyx chess sets in a quantity of 12 to 24 to be shipped via UPS or Postal Service, which ever is...